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    "Attorney For My Divorce Case"
    I had the pleasure of having Attorney Hairston representing me in my divorce case, she handles problems quickly and decisively and at a fair price. Mrs. Hairston is prompt, responsive, efficient, diligent, and very knowledgeable in family practice. I highly recommend Mrs. Luella Hairston to anyone seeking responsive, knowledgeable and at a fair price family law attorney.
    California, CA
    "Aggressive Representation"
    I was at the end of my rope and monies. Attorney Hairston worked out a payment plan on a Limited Scope Engagement that allowed me to still have aggressive representation at the court hearings.
    California, CA
    "Thank you for caring"
    I really appreciated all your hard work. You really listen. After filing for divorce, I asked you put the divorce on hold. You did and I was able to save my marriage through counseling. Thank you for caring.
    California, CA
    "I was blessed to find Attorney Hairston"
    Going through a divorce is very traumatic, especially at the age of 73. What do you do, where do you turn? Fortunately after consulting with 4 attorneys, I was blessed to find attorney Luella G. Hairston. She is compassionate, understanding, and a great listener. She got me through it. If you are looking for a family law attorney, I highly recommend her. I was truly in good hands.
    California, CA
    "Best decision for my kids I ever made!!!"
    Unfortunately I found myself in a custody battle for my two daughters because I could not get cooperation from the mother of the children on parenting time etc.Unsure of what my legal rights where,I contacted my neighbor who referred me to her lawyer in he
    Ontario, CA
    "I only wish she was available for the rest of my legal problems, and I do plan to work with her law firm on my will, etc."
    I enlisted Ms. Hariston's legal service on a long term divorce. Her service, along with her staff was excellent. I did have different people working on my case but they explained their responsibilities and demonstrated continuity between members of her sta
    Isaac B
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA
    "5 Stars!"
    I was very pleased with the work that was performed and will use Ms. Hariston for any future legal work. The office made the process seamless and the follow up was exceptional. I would recommend Ms. Hariston to anyone.
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA
    "The personal attention is to be admired!"
    I hired Luella Hairston and staff in Sept. 2019, filed for divorce in Oct 2019 very hard situation. During this time I had a lot of questions and concerns as I am 70 years old and worried I would not be able to stand alone. With Luella and Ingrid I made it
    Arlinda Goodrich
    Crestline, CA
    "Recommends The Law Office of Luella G. Hairston"
    A divorce is never a pleasant experience, but with the right legal team by your side, something so traumatic is turned into something you can endure. I'd like to thank Luella Hairston and her knowledgeable team for the guidance and expert dealings they exhibited during such a life changing time in my life. Thank you for your tireless work.
    Janine R.