Unfortunately I found myself in a custody battle for my two daughters because I could not get cooperation from the mother of the children on parenting time etc.Unsure of what my legal rights where,I contacted my neighbor who referred me to her lawyer in her previous case.My original lawyer choice could not take the case because of her schedule and referred me to Ms.Hariston.Ironically the lawyer ...

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Family law, perhaps more than any other legal field, is fraught with emotion and deeply personal decisions. During this time, it is crucial to choose a Rancho Cucamonga divorce lawyer with a reputation for experience, compassion, and professionalism. At the Law Office of Luella G. Hairston, we are proud to represent men and women throughout the Southern California area who face complicated legal disputes and critical choices in the area of family law. We are committed to three core principles of ethical dealings, empathic counsel, and effective representation. Call our office if you require assistance in any of the following areas, among others:

Dissolving a marriage can be a scary and overwhelming process, but you will find the advocate you need in Attorney Luella Hairston. At our firm, we understand the emotions you may be feeling, the concerns you need to address, and the complex decisions that you face. We are here to fight for your interests and protect you through the process ahead so that you can achieve the resolution you need.

Child Custody
In California, the court views it to be in the best interests of the child to share time between both parents whenever possible. We understand that decisions regarding the future of your child are among the most crucial you face during this time. Let us help you work toward a solution that protects your child and maintains his or her stability and safety.

Spousal Support
Unlike child support, spousal support payments are not determined by a set formula. If there is a disparaging level of income between you and your spouse, you could be entitled to spousal maintenance. On the other hand, you should be protected from paying more than your legal obligation. Let us help ensure justice and fairness in your case.

Child Support
The state has a specific formula used to determine child support payments. The initial court order will reflect your means and financial situation at the time of your divorce. Over time, however, it may become necessary to modify child support orders as new developments and changes arise.

Legal Separation
If you and your spouse wish to legally separate without divorcing, whether for religious considerations, financial issues, or some other reason, we can help. Legal separation preserves the legal status of your marriage while granting you the freedom to live separately from your spouse. Call us to discuss this option.

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Choose Attorney Luella Hairston for your legal representation in Rancho Cucamonga. We are committed to fighting for your best interests and supporting you with the legal advocacy and care you need during what could be a very stressful time. We understand the pressures facing you. Let us ease your burden and provide individualized counsel and support tailored to your situation. Call the Law Office of Luella G. Hairston today to set up your first free, no-obligation case consultation.